Theresa Ong

Levin lab
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M31 Guyot

I am an NSF postdoctoral research fellow studying with Simon Levin (Princeton University), Stacy Philpott (UC Santa Cruz), and Brenda Lin (CSIRO- Australia). I am broadly interested in theoretical agroecology, especially in the setting of urban gardens. My work focuses on how biocomplexity influences the resilience of these agricultural systems to both ecological and political perturbations. 


Publications List: 

1. Ong, T. W., and J. Vandermeer. 2018. Multiple hysteretic patterns from elementary population models. Theoretical Ecology:1–7. (

2. Ong, T. W., D. Allen, and J. Vandermeer. 2018. Huffaker revisited: Spatial heterogeneity and the coupling of ineffective agents in biological control. Ecosphere 9:e02299. (

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4. Ong, T. W., and J. Vandermeer. 2014. Antagonism between two natural enemies improves biological control of a coffee pest: The importance of dominance hierarchies. Biological Control 76:107–113. (

5. Egerer, M.*, K. Li*, and T. W. Ong. 2018. Context matters: Contrasting ladybird beetle responses to urban environments across two US regions. Sustainability 10:1829. (