Sarah Kocher

Assistant Professor | EEB & LSI; Freeman Hrabowski Scholar, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Behavioral and Evolutionary Genomics
Office Phone
324A Moffett Laboratory
Selected Publications

Kocher, SD, Mallarino, RM, Rubin, BER, Yu, DW, Hoekstra, HE, and Pierce, NE. (2018) The genetic basis of a social polymorphism in halictid bees. Nature Communications. In press.

Wittwer, BW, Hefetz, A, Simon, T, Murphy, LEK, Elgar, MA, Pierce, NE, and Kocher, SD. (2017) Solitary bees reduce investment in communication compared with their social relatives. PNAS, 114(25): 6569-6574.

Fu, F, Kocher, SD, Nowak, MA (2014). The risk-return tradeoff between solitary and eusocial reproduction. Ecology Letters, 18(1), 74-84.

Kocher, SD*, Pellissier, L*, Veller, C, Purcell, J, Nowak, M, Chapuisat, M, and Pierce, NE. (2014) Transitions in social complexity along altitudinal gradients reveal a dual impact of climate on social evolution. Proc Roy Soc B. 281 (1787): 20140627.

Kocher, SD*, Li, C*, Yang, W, Tan, H, Yi, SV, Yang, X, Hoekstra, HE, Zhang, G, Pierce, NE, Yu, DW. (2013) The genome of a socially polymorphic halictid bee, Lasioglossum albipes. Genome Biology 14(12):R142.