Noah Rose

McBride lab
Office Phone
M157 Guyot Hall

I am studying the genomic basis of mosquito population variation in host preference, and the distribution of this variation in forest, rural, and urban habitats. I am interested in understanding the ways that contemporary evolutionary processes shape population responses to environmental change, in contexts ranging from conservation to public health.

Selected Publications

1. The Aedes Genome Working Group. Improved Aedes aegypti mosquito reference genome assembly enables biological discovery and vector control. In review, Nature.

2. NH Rose, RA Bay, MK Morikawa, SR Palumbi. Polygenic evolution drives species divergence and climate adaptation in corals. Evolution, 2018.

3. RA Bay*, NH Rose*, RDH Barrett, RB Brem, CK Ghalambor, L Bernatchez, PL Ralph, JR Lasky, SR Palumbi. Predicting Responses to Contemporary Environmental Change Using Evolutionary Response Architectures. The American Naturalist, 2017. *These authors contributed equally.

4. RA Bay, NH Rose, CA Logan, SR Palumbi. Genomic models predict successful coral adaptation if future ocean warming rates are reduced. Science Advances, 2017.

5. NH Rose, FO Seneca, SR Palumbi. Gene networks in the wild: identifying transcriptional modules that mediate coral resistance to experimental heat stress. Genome Biology and Evolution, 2015.