Niki Learn

Altmann Lab | EEB
Research Specialist II
Office Phone
402 Guyot Hall

I manage and analyze large ecological and demographic datasets.  Here at Princeton I work with Jeanne Altmann on the Amboseli Baboon Research Project where I manage demographic, reproductive, female dominance rank, wounds and pathologies, and meteorological data; revise and add to our online relational database; assist other researchers with data retrieval and analysis; and tell baboon stories.  Prior to this I monitored wetland mitigation projects, helped develop wetland assessment methods, and examined the impacts of nutrient limitation on wetland plant species.


Selected Publications

1. Lea, Amanda J, et al. “Complex sources of variance in female dominance rank in a nepotistic society.”. Animal Behaviour 94 (2014): , 94, 87-99. Web.Publisher's Version

2. Gesquiere, Laurence R, et al. “Life at the top: rank and stress in wild male baboons.”. Science 333.15 JULY (2011): , 333, 15 JULY, 357-360. Web.Publisher's Version

3. Grieneisen L., Dasari M., Gould T.J., Björk J.R., Grenier J., Yotova V., Jansen D., Gottel N., Gordon J.B., Learn N.H., Gesquiere L.R., Wango T.L., Mututua R.S., Warutere J.K., Siodi L., Gilbert J.A., Barreiro L.B., Alberts S.C., Tung* J., Archie* E.A., Blekhman* R. 2021. Gut microbiome heritability is nearly universal but environmentally contingent. Science 373:181-186.* these authors contributed equally

4. Levy* E.J., Zipple* M.N., McLean E., Campos F.A., Dasari M., Fogel A.S., Franz M., Gesquiere L.R., Gordon J.B., Grieneisen L., Habig B., Jansen D., Learn N.H., Weibel C.J., Altmann J., Alberts* S.C. and Archie* E.A. 2020. A comparison of dominance rank metrics reveals multiple competitive landscapes in an animal society. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 287:20201013 *these authors contributed equally

5. Gesquiere L.R., Habig B., Hansen C., Li A., Fried K., Learn N.H., Alberts S.C., Graham A.L., Archie E.A. 2020. Noninvasive measurement of mucosal immunity in a free-ranging baboon population. American Journal of Primatology. 82: e23093.