Jeanne Altmann
Eugene Higgins Professor Emeritus | EEB
Animal Behavior and Physiology
Julien Ayroles
Assistant Professor | EEB & LSI
Evolutionary Quantitative Genomics
Shane Campbell-Staton
Assistant Professor | EEB
Contemporary Evolution and Adaptation
Andrew Dobson
Professor | EEB & LSI
Disease Ecology and Conservation
James Gould
Professor Emeritus | EEB
Animal Behavior
Andrea Graham
Professor | EEB; Co-Director, Program in Global Health
Immunity and Disease Ecology
B. Rosemary Grant
Senior Research Biologist, Emeritus
Evolutionary Biology
Peter Grant
Class of 1877 Professor of Zoology Emeritus, Professor of EEB
Evolutionary Biology
Bryan Grenfell
Kathryn Briger and Sarah Fenton Professor of EEB & Public Affairs, SPIA
Disease Modelling and Ecology
Lars Hedin
George M. Moffett Professor of Biology | EEB & HMEI
Systems Ecology and Biogeochemistry
Sarah Kocher
Assistant Professor | EEB & LSI
Behavioral and Evolutionary Genomics
Simon Levin
James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor in EEB; Director, Center for BioComplexity
Theoretical Biology and Evolution
Jonathan Levine
J.N. Allison Professor of Environmental Studies; EEB Department Chair
Population, Community & Global Change Ecology
Lindy McBride
Associate Professor | EEB & PNI
Evolutionary Genomics and Neuroscience
C. Jessica E. Metcalf
Associate Professor | EEB & SPIA; EEB Director of Graduate Studies
Disease Modelling and Demography
Stephen Pacala
Frederick D. Petrie Professor Emeritus, EEB | Senior Scholar, HMEI
Climate Change and Systems Ecology
Robert Pringle
Professor | EEB; Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ecology, Biodiversity, and Conservation
Christina Riehl
Associate Professor | EEB
Behavior and Life History Evolution
Daniel Rubenstein
Class of 1877 Professor of Zoology | EEB
Behavioral Ecology and Conservation
Mary (Cassie) Stoddard
Associate Professor | EEB
Sensory Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
Corina Tarnita
Professor | EEB; Director, Program in Environmental Studies
Ecology and Theoretical Biology
Bridgett vonHoldt
Associate Professor | EEB
Evolutionary Genomics and Epigenetics
David Wilcove
Professor of EEB, HMEI and Public Affairs
Conservation Biology and Policy

Faculty In Memoriam

John Bonner
Professor of EEB, Emeritus
Organismal Evolution and Development
Henry Horn
Professor Emeritus, EEB
Population Biology

EEB = Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
LSI = Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics
HMEI = High Meadows Environmental Institute
PNI = Princeton Neuroscience Institute
SPIA = School of Public and International Affairs