Dylan H. Morris

Levin lab
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215 Eno Hall

My principal research interests are in eco-evolutionary dynamics. I currently focus on the evolution of RNA viruses, and how it is shaped by ecological processes within and between hosts. I also work on spatial self-organization in ecological communities. Additional research interests include Bayesian statistical approach to ecology and evolution research and the directedness – or historical contingency – of adaptive evolution.

I greatly enjoy supervising undergraduate projects and am always eager to hear from students interested in doing research. You need not have a substantial background in mathematical biology. Funding may be available, particularly for students receiving Pell Grants. Please email me if you are interested!

Publications List: 

Dylan H. Morris*, Katelyn M. Gostic*, Simone Pompei*, Bedford T., Luksza M., Neher R.A., Grenfell B.T., Lassig M., McCauley J.W. 2018. Predictive Modeling of Influenza Shows the Promise of Applied Evolutionary Biology. Trends in Microbiology. 26: 102-108.