Ciro Cabal

Pacala lab
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101 Eno Hall

As a plant ecologist, I am broadly interested in the mechanisms that explain the structure and physionomy of vegetation and the plant community composition. I am specifically interested in semi-arid ecology and in the striking complexity of vegetation patterns observed in water limited ecosystems. How are spatial patterns formed and maintained in sub-desertic vegetation? How do net positive and negative interactions shift with scale, space and time? With a BS and MS from the Complutense University of Madrid, I worked on plant diversity conservation projects and on the effects of (anthropogenic) nitrogen deposition on Mediterranean shrublands in Spain before coming to Princeton. I joined the Pacala lab in 2016, motivated by my interest in the theoretical and mechanistic approaches to understanding shrubland ecology and the threats these systems are facing due to anthropogenic global change.

Publications List: 

1.Sánchez de Dios R, Cabal C, Domínguez Lozano F, Sainz Ollero H & Moreno Saiz JC. 2017. The role of criteria in selecting important areas for conservation in biodiversity‐rich territories. Diversity and Distributions 23(4): 368-380

2. Cabal C, Ochoa-Hueso R, Pérez-Corona ME, Manrique E. 2017. Long-term simulated nitrogen deposition alters the plant cover dynamics of a Mediterranean rosemary shrubland in Central Spain through defoliation. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24(34):26227–26237