Alexandra DeCandia

vonHoldt lab
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333B Moffett Laboratories

I am fascinated by the diversity of questions that can be addressed with molecular techniques. Through use of genetic, epigenetic, and microbial sequencing technologies, I am applying an integrative molecular approach to the study of wildlife populations facing disease. I additionally study the genetic effects of urban colonization and range expansion, with prior experience in method development for noninvasive genetic monitoring of carnivore species.

Publications List: 

DeCandia, A., K. Brzeski, E. Heppenheimer, C. Caro, G. Camenisch, C. Driscoll, and B. vonHoldt (2019) Urban colonization through multiple genetic lenses: The city fox phenomenon revisited. Ecology and Evolution.

DeCandia, A., A. Dobson, and B. vonHoldt (2018) Toward an integrative molecular approach to wildlife disease. Conservation Biology 32:798–807.