Bryan Grenfell receives Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences

July 26, 2022

Bryan Grenfell, Princeton University’s Kathryn Briger and Sarah Fenton Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Public Affairs, is one of three recipients of the 2022 Kyoto Prize. Grenfell, who studies the dynamics of infectious disease, was honored in the basic science category for his “development of an innovative methodology for integrative analysis of pathogen evolution and epidemics.”

The Kyoto Prize, a major international distinction, is presented by the Inamori Foundation of Japan to honor the lifetime achievements of those who have contributed significantly to the scientific, cultural and spiritual betterment of humankind. The award, which is presented annually in the categories of basic science, advanced technology, and arts and philosophy, includes a cash prize of 100 million yen, or approximately $735,000. Grenfell is the fifth Kyoto laureate from Princeton University.

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