Program Details & FAQs

Program Details

The EEB Scholars Program offers a personalized experience, allowing EEB Scholars to interact with EEB faculty, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers in academic and social activities as well as participate in workshops where information specific to applying to EEB programs will be presented and discussed. The program will take place from October 2nd to October 4th 2024.   

Alongside the EEB Scholars Program, scholars will be invited (no application required) to participate in the Princeton EEB Mentors Program.  The goal of EEB Mentors is to match scholars interested in applying to Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduate programs with current Princeton EEB graduate students who can help them navigate the process of applying to graduate school by providing feedback on graduate school and/or funding application materials and insight into contacting faculty, applying, interviewing, and choosing schools. EEB Mentors were piloted in 2020 to great success. EEB Scholars is pleased to be able to continue this successful and enriching offering in 2023.  

The EEB Scholars application is housed under a broader Princeton program called P3. P3 is designed for prospective students to gather general information on graduate education at Princeton University and learn about the resources, such as financial and extracurricular opportunities, available to students applying to any field of study at Princeton.

The EEB Scholars-specific programming format will be forthcoming later this spring but may include the opportunity to:

  • Attend small group meetings with faculty, graduate students, and postdocs
  • Gain valuable interview skills and tools through a mock interview, including feedback, with a Princeton EEB member
  • Showcase your prior research to the department (faculty, students, postdocs, and close department collaborators) in a relaxed setting  
  • Attend EEB-specific workshops on topics such as “Applying to Graduate School” and “How to enhance your CV and Personal Statement”
  • Socialize with EEB graduate students at group meals and social activities, including a local outing
  • Get to know EEB faculty at a small reception
  • Go on a campus and department tour with EEB graduate students


Q. When can I apply for the EEB Scholars Program?

A. The 2024 EEB Scholars program application is now open and will close on June 15th, 2024

Q. What are the program dates?

A.  The program will be held from October 5th to 7th, 2023.

Q. Will travel and lodging expenses be covered?

A. The EEB Scholars program is a fully funded initiative. There is no cost associated with attendance for Scholars. Travel, lodging, and meal expenses are covered throughout the program's duration.

Q. Are there virtual attendance options?

A. Unfortunately, we do not have any virtual alternatives currently available. However, we would like to encourage individuals interested in participating in the program or receiving assistance with the graduate school application process but unable to attend in person at Princeton to kindly reach out to us via email at [email protected]We are prepared to collaborate and provide access to relevant program materials.

Q: Is this an interview for admission to the EEB Department at Princeton?

A: No. The EEB Scholars program is meant to provide talented potential graduate students an engaging, no-stakes preview of the opportunities at Princeton University and our EEB Department. Those who successfully apply and receive admission to the EEB Scholars Program will still need to apply separately to the Ph.D. program later that fall if they wish to enroll as a graduate student here. Please note that application to or participation in the EEB Scholars Program does not alter the subsequent graduate school application and admission processes.

Q: How does Princeton's Prospective Ph.D. Preview (P3) relates to the EEB Scholars program?

A: P3 is designed for prospective students in all fields to gather general information on graduate education at Princeton University and learn about the resources, such as financial and extracurricular opportunities, available at Princeton. EEB Scholars is designed for prospective students interested in EEB, in particular, to gain the tools and knowledge they need to successfully apply to a graduate program in EEB, as well as to familiarize them with Princeton's EEB department. Applicants who are selected as EEB Scholars will be automatically invited to participate in P3, which takes place on Princeton's campus in the same week as EEB Scholars. The two programs share an application; as such, students who apply to EEB Scholars will be automatically considered for P3 and don't need to apply to each program separately. 

Q: Do I need to submit an official transcript with my application?

A: For the initial online application, an unofficial transcript is fine. Those applicants advancing to the final stages of the selection process will be asked to submit an official copy.

Q: I am interested in applying to Princeton EEB for graduate school.  How do I apply? What is the deadline?

A: Information is available on the Admission & Financial Support webpage. To apply to EEB, you will need to apply through The Graduate School. The deadline to apply to the EEB graduate program is typically December 1st or December 15th; check back in the early fall to confirm. 

Q:  How can I best prepare my personal statement for the EEB Scholars Program so that I can showcase my achievements and interests?

A: The personal statement should include information that will highlight an applicant’s personal and professional experiences and goals. You should discuss your academic interests and aspirations and how your academic or research experiences have shaped these interests. What would you like to study in a PhD program? What research questions are you interested in answering or are you answering currently?

We understand that, as budding scientists, applicants will come from a range of backgrounds with varying research experience. A lack of previous opportunities will not affect your chances of being selected for the program, and your personal statement is an opportunity to share what drives your passion for science and how you believe participating in the EEB Scholars program will benefit you. 

Additional Questions?

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