Hear From Past Scholars


Harrison Watson EEB Scholar '18
PhD Student, Princeton EEB

"The EEB Scholars program was an invaluable experience for me because of the way in which it showed me that I was capable of growth and capable of positioning myself to take advantage of that understanding -- whether at Princeton or elsewhere. The interactions between scholars and community members from EEB were seamless, and despite being unfamiliar with most topics of conversation, I was always encouraged to question and engage that which I did not know to a deeper level to arrive at the most complete understanding of that idea as possible. This experience and these questions inspired me to redefine what it means for me to grow: rather than only refining my spaces, I should also broaden my horizons and expand my space. Being exposed to this mindset before the application allowed me to approach my future as a graduate student with more confidence, a confidence which has persisted through the early stages of my journey through graduate school. I highly recommend that students considering graduate school apply for this program."

EEB Scholar Harrison Watson

Louise Alissa de Morais EEB Scholar '18
PhD Student, Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UC Santa Cruz

”As a first generation student from Latin America, to be part of Princeton EBB Scholar Program was a determining factor in my career. I was able to visit the US for the first time, meet incredible professors that I admire and receive insightful tips about the whole admission process. After the program, I felt immensely more motivated and confident to apply and follow my plans into graduate school.”

EEB Scholar Louise de Morais

Kennedy Omofuwoko EEB Scholar ‘18
Current PhD Student, Princeton EEB

"Applying to Princeton University was one of my ultimate ambitions towards benchmarking my graduate career. For a while the idea seemed unattainable. Princeton University’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Scholars Program provided a platform for me to engage with their graduate students, faculty members and immerse myself in the community. This exclusive chance provided me with a deeper insight on what to expect and it was one of the biggest decisions to accepting the offer.  With this, also came the opportunity to meet with other scholars from around the world, interact with them and exchange ideas.”

EEN Scholar Kennedy Omofuwoko

Nury Molina EEB Scholar '18
PhD student in EEMB at UC Santa Barbara

"The EEB Scholars Program was an amazing experience that provided me the tools to be a competitive applicant for graduate school. Specifically, they helped me be prepared for all facets of applying to graduate school including essays, interviews, and applying for competitive fellowships. I used the skills I learned to apply to PhD programs where I ultimately chose to pursue a PhD at UCSB in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology while being awarded a NOAA graduate scholarship."

Nury was recently awarded a prestigious Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship through NOAA.

EEB Scholar Nury Molina

Past EEB Scholars Cohorts

Directory of 2019 EEB Scholars

2019 Graduate Student Coordinators: Jarome Ali, Amanda Savagian, Chris Tokita

Directory of 2018 EEB Scholars

2018 Graduate Student Coordinators: Amanda Savagian and Chris Tokita