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Graduate study in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Princeton leads toward the Ph.D. degree. The special areas of strength in the department are evolution & genomics, behavior & sensory biology, ecology & the environment, conservation & biodiversity and infectious disease. The interests and research of faculty range widely over these areas, such that incoming students are able to select their adviser among several professors working in the chosen discipline. Graduate students also have excellent opportunities for combining several areas for innovative interdisciplinary work.

Preparing for the Future

The graduate program is designed to develop both the breadth and depth of understanding that will enable graduates of the department to respond to future advances in the field. At the same time, students acquire the detailed knowledge and techniques needed to become effective scientists. Each student is guided in developing a comprehensive but flexible course of preparation that is designed to meet his or her educational needs and goals.

Working Together

With a vibrant community of faculty, postdocs and graduate students, the department offers many opportunities for students, faculty and researchers to work together congenially and cooperatively.