What do 40 years of sampling tell us about prospects for tropical birds under expected climate change?

Thu, Feb 24, 2022, 12:30 pm

Little is known about the temporal dynamics of avian populations and communities in the tropics.  Long-term studies are few and basic questions about the nature of avian demography at tropical latitudes are largely unresolved.  Such uncertainty has added importance given that climate change may challenge the integrity of tropical systems.  This seminar will cover recent results from an ongoing long-term study of avian populations in central Panama.  Analyses reveal significant declines over the sampling period (1977-2018) in estimated abundances about 70% of the understory species considered (N = 56).  Annual variation in rainfall regime profoundly affects the demography of numerous understory species.  Whereas dryer conditions are generally detrimental, the mechanisms underlying this association remain uncertain.  Recent analyses of expected changes in precipitation regimes during the 21st century over the entire Neotropics suggest that a large proportion of the region’s avifauna will be challenged by dryer conditions.   

Guyot 10/Virtual
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