EEB 522 Seminar Series- Mary Power

River food webs from microbiomes to watersheds: crossing scales with a diatom and its endosymbiote
Apr 18, 2024, 12:30 pm1:30 pm
Guyot 10
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Event Description

It is written: “..every organism is an observer of the environment (S.A. Levin, 1989).”  We will attempt, from the point of view of a diatom and its endosymbiont, to explore top-down and bottom-up controls in river food webs.  These controls operate within and across nested scales, from subcellular exchanges of nitrogen and carbon between a host and its endosymbiont, to energy and nutrient transfers among organisms within microbiomes growing on river macroalgae, to environmental changes that constrain macroalgal growth down river drainages, to seasonal and interannual hydroclimatic controls of food webs with macro-organisms that determine algal production at watershed scales.   River habitats have pronounced natural scales of spatial and temporal variation, yet upscaling and downscaling between small observable mechanisms and large scale population, food web, and ecosystem responses remains a challenge, albeit one that appears increasingly within reach.

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