EEB 522 Seminar Series- Julien Martin

Life-history evolution in a changing environment: a 2 tails story
Sep 21, 2023, 12:30 pm1:30 pm
Guyot 10
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Trying to understand how species adjust to, evolve with and ultimately adapt to an environment is at the heart of evolutionary ecology. In a time when environmental conditions are drastically changing and fluctuating strongly, it is key to understand if and how species can adjust and adapt to changing environmental conditions. If a large number of studies have found genetic variation and selection on a wide number of traits, evolutionary changes are rarely observed in nature, this is the so-called evolutionary stasis. During the seminar, based on our past and current work using two long-term system, yellow- bellied marmots and alpine swifts, I will discuss the existence of evolutionary stasis, some of the limitations of our approaches to study evolution in the wild and the impact on our understanding of evolutionary dynamic in a changing environment

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