Earth Resilience for World Prosperity: Challenges for a Transformation to Global Sustainability

Thu, Apr 14, 2016, 10:00 am to 11:00 am
Johan Rockström - Executive Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre - Professor, Environmental Science, Stockholm University - International Cosmos Prize Recipient 2015
Humanity has entered the Anthropocene, a new geological Epoch where humanity has become the largest single force of change on the Earth system. Exponential rise in human pressures on systems from the climate system to the biosphere has resulted in a saturation point in terms of the capacity of the complex selfregulating Earth system to remain stable. Earth resilience, the capacity of systems on Earth to persist in a stable Holocene-like equilibrium is increasingly understood as a prerequisite for human development. Social-ecological transformations across scales, from local to global, are necessary for Earth resilience, dynamically interacting with social development and providing the basis for world prosperity. A key scientific challenge is to understand interacting social and ecological tipping points in the Anthropocene, and exploring social-ecological pathways towards attaining world development within the safe operating space of planetary boundaries, as defined, e.g., by the 2030 global sustainable development goals (SDGs).
209 Eno Hall

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