Decrypting immunological memory unmasks pathogen community dynamics and immune kinetics

Thu, Oct 10, 2019, 12:30 pm

Infectious diseases are among the greatest threats to human health, and efficient detection, quantitation and surveillance, especially of those causing novel epidemics remains a major problem for public health agencies and infectious diseases researchers. Serological surveillance is a bedrock of infectious disease surveillance efforts, but resources often limit the scope of surveillance efforts to usually a small number of pathogens and often a limited population. Recent technological advances however have led to new approaches to comprehensively 'read' the immunological antibody memory and simultaneously track thousands of individual antibodies over time, providing whole new dimensions through which to measure infectious disease transmission and immunity. This talk will discuss a novel approach to comprehensively profile immune antibody memory (VirScan), and will demonstrate how this technology can be used to understand repertoire-wide effects of viral infections (using measles as an example case), to measure durability of immune memory over time, and will show how these approaches can lay the foundation for a global immunological observatory.

Guyot 10
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