Committee on Climate for All


The mission of the Committee on Climate for All in EEB is to promote and sustain diversity, inclusivity and transparency across the department. The committee includes representatives from among EEB’s undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, staff, and faculty (please see current membership below).  Together, we gather information from each of these constituencies, discuss emerging concerns, and design initiatives to improve the climate for all scholars and workers in EEB. Dr. Vanessa Gonzalez-Perez, the Graduate School’s Assistant Dean for Diversity Initiatives in the Natural Sciences, advises and supports the committee. 



  • EEB Scholars program: an annual career development and recruitment event for graduate school candidates from underrepresented groups
  • Women in Science Partnership (WiSP): the goal of this organization is to provide a safe environment to engage with issues surrounding gender inclusivity and equality in science through WiSP member meetings and departmental events and discussions. WiSP strives to not only provide a forum for discussion but also a sense of community for our members within the EEB department. WiSP is open to all students, post-docs, faculty, and staff interested in these issues. ​​​​​
    Contact info: Ciara Nutter and Audrey Miller
  • EEB Voices Initiative: includes pre-reads and grad-first questions in Colloquium, to encourage all voices to be heard
  • Initiatives for postdocs: includes structured mentoring conversations with faculty, formal onboarding & community building
  • Inclusion of graduate student representatives in faculty meetings and on search committees
  • A series of panels and discussion groups to promote inclusion (e.g. for international collaborations, women in science, and inclusive fieldwork)
  • Reforms to weekly events to maximize interdisciplinary interactions
  • Biennial climate surveys: an effort to inform our work on new initiatives


Andrea Graham, EEB Faculty and Committee co-chair
Audrey Miller, EEB Graduate Student [stepping down Jan 2023]
Ari Freedman, EEB Graduate Student
Christian Gray, EEB Graduate Student [stepping down Jan 2023]
Evelyn Beury, EEB Postdoc
Finote Gijsman, EEB Graduate Student
Joshua LaPergola, EEB Postdoc
Katherine Sullivan, Director Undergraduate Teaching Lab
Kristina Corvin, EEB Project Coordinator
Lindy McBride, EEB Faculty and Committee co-chair
Madison Lichak, EEB Graduate Student [joining Jan 2023]
Martha Murdough, EEB Business Manager
Mary McLaughlin, Research Scientist
Sandy Cominski, EEB Office Coordinator
Stavi Tennenbaum, EEB Graduate Student [joining Jan 2023]
Vanessa Gonzalez-Perez, Assistant Dean for Diversity Initiatives in Natural Sciences
Woi Sok Oh, EEB Postdoc


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Climate Survey 2021 & EEB Climate Survey Summary 2022

Please feel free to contact committee members directly to offer suggestions or ask questions on the departmental climate. For anonymous feedback feel free to use our Suggestion Box