Committee on Climate for All


Princeton’s EEB department welcomes all scholars of ecology and evolutionary biology. We stand for an open and supportive climate in which everyone can learn and thrive.  We stand against discrimination and harassment in all forms in our classrooms, labs, and field sites.  We strive to cultivate a community that appreciates individual differences, engages in rigorous but respectful debate, and embraces our individual and collective responsibilities to cultivate the well-being of all. 


Andrea Graham, Committee Chair, Professor of EEB
Carolyn (Lindy) McBride, Assistant Professor of EEB and PNI
David Wilcove, Professor of EEB, PEI and Public Affairs
Sandy Cominski, EEB Office Coordinator
Beth Leman, EEB Program Administrator
Lucia Schutz, EEB Department Manager
Katherine Sullivan, Director Undergraduate Teaching Lab
Rachel Baker, HMEI Postdoc
Jaccqueline Kariithi, EEB Postdoc
Amanda Lea, EEB Postdoc
Luisa Pallares, EEB Postdoc
Jarome Ali, EEB Graduate Student
Alexander Downie, EEB Graduate Student
Christian Gray, EEB Graduate Student
Audrey Miller, EEB Graduate Student
Aiyu Zheng, EEB Graduate Student
Samantha Bents, EEB Undergraduate Student

January Meeting Minutes