Mission on Diversity & Inclusion

Our overall mission is to promote discussion, information-sharing, and events that raise awareness, minimize discrimination and microaggressions, and otherwise improve climate for all members of EEB. We are focusing on 3 main themes: Promotion of Diversity, Promotion of Transparency, Promotion of Inclusivity & Civility.


Letter from Chair

March 3, 2017                                         

Dear members of the EEB community:

During the more than a decade that I have been a part of EEB, I had found one of the our most important characteristics to be how we come together as a close-knit community.  We work, we teach, we exchange ideas, and we interact socially on the basis of excellence, professionalism, and mutual respect.

I am therefore writing to affirm EEB’s continued commitment to providing an environment t that welcomes and supports all members of our community.

I support President Eisgruber’s statement from November 11, 2016, in which he reminds us that the highest values of this University include “steadfast commitment to embrace people of all ethnicities, religions, nationalities, genders, and identities, and our equally fundamental commitment to foster the free and vigorous exchange of ideas.”

With best wishes,


Lars O. Hedin
George M. Moffett Professor of Biology
Chair, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology