Theoretical Ecology Lab Tea

The Theoretical Ecology Lab Teas are designed to be informal meetings for members of the research groups of Simon Levin, Steve Pacala, Henry Horn, and Andy Dobson to give talks on their current research and receive feedback from their audience. The talks are usually 30 minutes, including the question and answer sessions, scheduled on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM. Additionally, other members of the Princeton University community and visitors are welcome to attend and to give presentations.

Talk schedules and email lists are maintained by Anping Chen and Georgii Bazykin. Please contact or to have your name added to the labtea email list so that you can receive reminders about upcoming lab teas.

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Spring 2007
Wednesday, Feburary 7, at 1:30 PM
Varkonyi Peter
Wednesday, Feburary 14, at 1:30 PM
Parviez Hosseini
Wednesday, Feburary 21, at 1:30 PM
Peter Frazier
Wednesday, Feburary 28, at 1:30 PM
Anping Chen
Wednesday, March 7, at 1:30 PM
Carl Boettiger
Wednesday, March 14, at 1:30 PM
Miro Dudik
Wednesday, March 21, at 1:30 PM
Spring Break
Wednesday, March 28, at 1:30 PM Katie Hampson
Wednesday, April 4, at 1:30 PM
Wednesday, April 11, at 1:30 PM
Maja Schlueter
Wednesday, April 18, at 1:30 PM
Drew Purves
Wednesday, April 25, at 1:30 PM
Jonathan Dushoff
Wednesday, May 2, at 1:30 PM
Heather Leslie
Wednesday, May 9, at 1:30 PM Ryan Chisholm
Wednesday, May 16, at 1:30 PM Duncan Menge
Wednesday, May 25, at 1:30 PM Fred Bartumeus

Titles and abstracts
(posted approximately one week before the talk)

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